The Team



Make up: Eve-Marie Parry

Eve started working for an entertainment agency in 2002 where she began her studio work part time while studying beauty therapy. She also had a placement once a week in a beauty salon and was running workshops in youth clubs in the evenings.

In 2004 after qualifying she landed a consultancy position with Christian Dior. After just a few months Eve was pulling in star awards, such was her impact on the company.

She was soon promoted to Makeup Artist and sent to London for training.

Hair: Nathan Pithers

Normally I can’t get Nathan to shut up, but ask him to write a bio and he goes all quiet. So I’ve written it myself!

Nathan is Cardiff based award winning hairstylist, (British & Welsh Bridal Hair Champion).  He was also a member of Team GB in the World Championships.  His flamboyant flair and vision, along with amazing speed really adds to the SCP experience.

His pants and socks are always carefully coordinated.