Darts Ink

darts0001One of the more bizarre collaborations that I’ve been involved with, but one I’m extremely proud to be a part of.

So, how did it happen…

My buddy Chris Burney, ‘Chivalrist and Partymaker – Part Outlaw, Part Lawman’ and awesome guitarist of Texan pop punkers Bowling For Soup, and I, were having a soirée backstage in the dressing room during one of their shows. Chris and I have been friends for some 11+ years and I knew he was a keen darts player back home in Texas. During our conversation he asked why I didn’t make flights featuring tattooed models,

“all I can find are fucking page 3 girls from the 80’s”

I think that’s how he put it. So, we got it sorted. 6 flights are now available here.