Nick Lord

NLI met Nick Lord some years ago through work and we became firm friends. Nick was an upcoming Artist and I loved dropping in at his studio to see his works of art. We began discussing the possibility of a series of collaborative pieces. I’ll let Nick do the talking from here.

Scott is one of the leading photographers in the alternative modelling scene and I specialise in painting portraits. He specialises in photographing tattooed models, which he captures with perfect lighting and elegance, and to put it short, I like painting.NLlaur

We both discussed the idea, and the possibility, of combining our practices and working with each other. We both have a fascination with the human form and the figure, which we both want to explore in different and exciting ways. We thought that a collaboration could be the perfect solution for us to develop our creativity and profession.

The collaboration is going to be a series of work focussing on tattooed and alternative models. It’s been inspired by traditional compositions that we’ll be bringing up to date with exciting new models and imagery. We are both interested in the contrast of ink on skin, and the effect that has on the subject, and perception of the image.

NLamanThey’re going to be exciting and vibrant images, yet subtle and beautiful. We’re playing the question of,

What would the old masters paint nowadays?

It’s going to be an exciting experience, and experiment.

The paintings Nick created from my photos appeared on TV when Nick entered Sky Arts – Portrait Artist Of The Year, of which he was the eventual winner.