Siôn Smith

Sion SmithSiôn Smith and I began collaborating in the professional sense long before we met. To be precise, Siôn first emailed me on 24th May 2011 after I’d submitted a few speculative model shots to him in his role as Editor of Skin Deep Magazine.

Here’s what he said,

Your timing is good today, I was looking for a pic to illustrate my editorial page in a book we’re currently writing and this one fits the bill for me

To see the fruits of our labour, see Skin Deep Covers Skin Deep Features Skin Shots Covers and Tattoo Vixens 2_J8B4760sm

Most recently Siôn wrote the forward for my book IntoXicated and we continue to build on the success of our achievements since that well timed email in 2011.

Once you’rhotlistEd232e done here, head over to his site where you’ll find a tonne of great writing, once you’ve read everything, tell him to hurry up and write some more.

Here’s an extract from Siôns website so you know what to expect…

Siôn Smith is a Welsh writer who went out for milk one evening and hasn’t yet made it home. His latest book,  The Day The Sky Fell Down  is available here.

He was once described as ‘Byronesque’, which is probably the nicest thing anybody has ever said about him. If you happen to meet, he likes to talk over coffee about books, music, travel, art and monster movies. He writes longhand with a Waterman fountain pen.

If you’re looking for a hook to hang his words on, Dirty Realism is acceptable. He is also the editor of Skin Deep magazine.