Tattoo Scout Front Cover Issue 66

001_Scout03_DeckblattHuge congratulations to model Bine on making the front cover of this months Tattoo Scout magazine.

Bine traveled all the way from Bavaria to shoot with me having been referred by the publishers.

I’m proud of my relationship with the magazine and the fact she was told she would need to contact me if she was interested in appearing on their cover says a it all.



Skin Deep Cover & Feature Issue 291

SD291So Skin Deep Issue 291 wings it’s way to newsstands as I write.

This months Issue is a huge glossy offering that not only features a cover shot of my favourite goth Maddison Myers but also has 8 pages of covergirl shots that ended up on the cutting room floor and a few questions and answers between myself and the Ed, Mr. SmithSD291_300dpi-001s

My name is normally tucked neatly away below the barcode so it’s also nice to see it appear in the EXCLUSIVE box among the great and the good.

Enjoy this issue, drop me a line at the usual address if you’d like to be considered for future publication.


Skin Deep Issue 90 Front Cover

SD290I met Laika a couple of years back at a tattoo convention in London when she approached me to ask about shooting together.

At the time I turned her down. This was based purely on her not having enough ink, I liked her though and she remained on my radar. During the past couple of years she undoubtedly improved as a model and luckily for me, she adorned herself in great ink, so this time, I approached her.

I’m often accused of being too picky when it comes to models I’ll shoot with but when it comes to booking models for publication, especially the covers of a tattoo magazine, a totally different approach is required. I can’t emphasise enough the importance of getting high quality tattoos. I would rather see one epic piece than a model covered in poor quality ink.

That may work for the various online publishers and social networks right now, but high end tattoo publications are here to promote the best the industry has to offer.

The covergirls should represent the diversity and quality of tattoo styles available. They should be inspirational. For those reasons, I can’t accept applications from every model who applies, it’s simply not enough to just be pretty.

for enquiries


Tattoo Spirit 93 Front Cover

001_TS31_DeckblattI’d forgotten all about this one so it was a pleasant surprise when Tattoo Spirit 93 dropped into the box.

I got on really well with Kym, she’s got a great taste in music and banging out a bunch of cool tunes always helps gives the shoots a great energy.

I’m really looking forward to bringing her back soon to make good on some of the concepts we discussed for future shoots.



Tattoo Studio 33 Front Cover

001_Scout03_DeckblattRounding off Aprils publication I’m pleased to announce a new cover for Tattoo Studio. This latest edition features newcomer Tracey from Dundee.

Tracey had contacted me about shooting on a couple of occasions and each time I’d asked her to go get some more experience. She did that but I still wasn’t taken with the “pro” shots she’d received.

She did however post a selfie on her Instagram account that caught my attention. So, I dropped her a message that went something like this… “If you can bring this girl to Cardiff I’ll book you”.

The truth is, her pro shots didn’t do her justice yet I felt the girl I saw in the selfie had real potential. She didn’t disappoint and the result is this front cover.

Skin Deep Issue 289 Cover

SD289It’s a pleasure to be back on Skin Deep magazine this month.

I was initially a little apprehensive about the thought of shooting with Kimberley Ann, not least because she’s an established photographer in her own right.

My fears disappeared the moment we met and discussed everything from photography to life in general. No matter the perceived success, it seems the professional struggles are the same regardless of the industry.

I genuinely enjoyed this shoot on so many levels. Kimberley was easy to work with, knowing what’s required, and the image quality produced by my new Canon 5D MK4 is simply mind blowing. The difference can clearly be seen in the final printed image when compared to recent covers.

Tattoo Scout 65 Front Cover

001_Scout03_DeckblattTattoo Scout Issue 65 launches now and marks my 18th front cover in a row for this German Stalwart of the tattoo scene.

It also marks the first front cover for newcomer Maddison Myers and features just some of her awesome ink. I’m really looking forward to bringing her back soon for some completely new sets.

Watch this space for another two new covers launching imminently…

I’m opening my books to experienced non tattooed models who wish to be book me for portfolio shots soon. Please email for rates at the usual address,