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We were pleased to welcome 2x cover girl Amy Preece back to SCP yesterday.

It’s always good to catch up with models and hear of their stories during the time they’ve been away, and always nice to hear how much they’ve looked forward to coming back to work with us again.

For models considering a return to SCP or new models wanting to shoot. Please email: we have ongoing overseas publication opportunities.

Sian – Face To Face

_J8B2803sIt was my pleasure to welcome popular covergirl Sian back to the studio this week.

It’s been a while since we last met so we put our digital heads together online and it all came good on Monday, shooting several new sets that will be available to interested parties soon.

It was also the first time Sian had laid eyes on my book IntoXicated and she was visibly moved by her pages in it.

Sian has some of the smoothest, most vibrant, and high quality tattoos I’ve ever been fortunate to shoot and her new shots are among some of my all time favourites.

Tattoo Studio Issue 29 Front Cover

001_Scout03_DeckblattHot off the press is my 19th cover in a row for Germanys Tattoo Studio Magazine.

The cover features model SJ Whiteley with makeup by Eve-Marie Parry.

I still have ongoing publication opportunities for the time being, interested models should email me at for consideration. Please remember to attach  a selection of images that clearly show your ink coverage and quality.

Tattoo Studio Issue 29 hits shelves right about now across Europe.

Skin Deep Cover Issue 276

SD276In a newsagent not too far away, Skin Deep issue 276 is about to make an appearance.

Covergirl Gemma kahlua shows her dark side and for those who can look past her eyes, you’ll discover droid BB-8, a stormtrooper and bounty hunter Boba Fett amongst her ink.

For fans of Star Wars Ink, Issue 276 pays homage to the franchises 40th anniversary and features the galaxies biggest players within the genre.

It’s no wonder there’s no room for covergirl features.

leave now I must….

Bibiana Atada Meets Alice Bizarre at SCP

_J8B1640sqBibiana Atada is a Spanish model, living in Switzerland. I’ve followed her work for several years along with over 300,000 other Instagram folk. She’s popular there’s no doubt. Without a doubt one of the worlds leading tattoo models.

We were put in touch with each other through a mutual friend, Danish Model and covergirl, Linnea Thomasia. Anyone who knows Linnea will tell you she’s a straight shooter. So, when she told me Bibiana wanted to work with me, I knew it must be true.

My go to MUA Eve was unavailable so I called upon the services of SFX alt makeup artist Alice Bizarre. Alice was responsible for the incredible makeup on our Skin Deep cover 211.

With that in mind I figured it would be an ideal opportunity to realise another vision from the darkest depths of my mind. Thanks to Bibiana and Alice, I think we pulled it off in a cool series of shots.

Tattoo Scout 59 Front Cover

001_Scout03_DeckblattMy latest cover for Tattoo Scout features Irish model Jo Crow for Issue 59.

We have ongoing publication opportunities with the UK and Europes biggest selling tattoo magazines. Models wishing to be considered for cover shoots should email

Please enclose clear full length shots to show your ink placement and coverage. Closeups to show ink quality and a portrait to show your current look.