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Announcing 2 New Covers

SD281This week I can announce two brand new covers. The first features newcomer Shelley Rebellion for Britains Biggest selling Skin Deep magazine, the second features Body Piercer and Manager of Tattoo Inc, Janet Taylor for Germanys best, Tattoo Spirit. 001_TS31_Deckblatt

I’m proud of my affiliation with these two heavyweights of the tattoo magazine scene having shot 85 covers between them since 2011/2012 respectively.

Like any freelancer I’m well aware this could all end tomorrow and it will become someone else’s dream. For now, I continue to be grateful to the publishing gods for the opportunities I’m given.

Models who wish to be considered for cover submissions should check out my references and contact me at





_J8B6687Well things don’t appear to be slowing up any here at SCP.

With more publication opportunities than ever before, there has never been a better time for models with great ink to stick their thumb out and hitch a ride.

Judging by the quality of models already on board throughout Sept/Oct the online modelling community agrees with me. I could never have predicted the upcoming lineup or those interested that have yet to book. I’m blown away.

I’ve been saying for several years that I don’t know how long this ride will last, or how long I can remain in the drivers seat. For the past year the ride has been rough to say the least, I’m told it’s all part of the journey, but you never really know who’s with you until they jump off your wagon and onto someone else’s.

As I climb the mountain that is tattoo pinup photography the twists and turns are often tight, just as momentum builds they’ll catch you unaware and more than once I’ve put a wheel or two well over the edge. I’ve seen how far the drop is yet always managed to cling on and scramble back to the road.

Some once good parts fell off, I suffered the odd breakdown, but still I rise. I intend to focus on steering this knackered old wagon onwards and upwards from here on in and maybe one day, on my way back along the road, hopefully I’ll pickup some of the parts that fell off and they’ll work as good as they once did.

I’ve recently invested further in the engine, polished the paintwork, and I’m in the process of repairing the damage.

Suffice to say, my books are now open for November. Join me on my journey. The destination remains the same. Time is against me but the legacy will remain. was, and still is the only email you need.

Be kind out there



Heavy Weighs The Crown

SCPCrown Teex2I’ve been called a lot of things, most of which I wouldn’t want printed on a T-shirt.

One nickname that has stuck is “King Cole” and that’s kind of where this latest design found it’s roots. The skull king as I refer to him was originally designed as a little “in house” celebration of shooting so many magazine covers. I think it’s original guise came about after achieving 100.

Many people asked if I’d be producing more t-shirts but after the success of the original Vince Ray designs, I’ve been reluctant. In the end, people power won me over and here is the latest incarnation entitled “Heavy Weighs The Crown”, which indeed from time to time, and for many reasons,  it sure has.

The first batch has already sold out so thats a good sign that we did something right. Maybe “King Cole” was always destined to be my knuckles tattoo. I’ve always struggled to come up with something to put there. Don’t get me started on the possibilities!

Anyway, heres Lauren and Becky doing what they do best…

WARNING – SCP Tees – So sexy they could make your pants fall off!


Becky Holt Returns To SCP

_J8B7509sThis week saw the welcome return of covergirl Becky Holt to SCP.

We’ve only shot once before but it resulted in several covers, most notably Skin Deep magazines 250th Issue as well as becoming the face of The Great British Tattoo Show.

Becky is without doubt a force to be reckoned with within the UK’s tattoo modelling scene and describes herself as a “Demi-god, from da future” She’s also owner of Loco Tattoo Lounge in Cradley Heath.

It’s impossible to really know someone from their social media and although Becky is often misunderstood, behind the glamour and bravado she is a genuine, caring, down to earth, hard working girl.

During this shoot she also teamed up with none other than Lady Lauren so watch this space for some truly epic shots.



Tattoo Scout 61 Front Cover

001_Scout03_DeckblattMy latest front cover is for Tattoo Scout 61 and features relative newcomer, Shelley Rebellion.

Shelley stepped up with less than 24hrs notice after I’d had a last minute cancelation. I was left with bugger all to do that day, the studio was set and a chance conversation with a fellow photographer put us in touch.

We had no real plan, not the best way to start a shoot but sometimes you gotta grab the bull by the horns and I figured If I was lucky, I might just discover a new covergirl.

It was a chance worth taking. The cool thing is, Shelley is also a huge rock fan, and a drummer, so I took the opportunity to squeeze in a couple of Vic Firth sticks I was given by my buddy Dave Raun of Lagwagon/Me First and the Gimme Gimmes fame.