Matt Riddle – No Use For A Name

nufanScott Cole is a trip. Here’s why:

No Use For A Name would be on the road for 8-9 months out of the year. The last thing I or any of us would ever want to do is hang around and take band photos back stage at some random venue. But Scott always made us want to do just that somehow. Like, actually want to.

Maybe it’s because his photography is insane. Seriously, go through his portfolio. Or maybe it’s because he’s one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting while out on tour. Both are true. His photographs ARE insane. Seriously, bands, cars, pinups, unreal. I actually have some of his work hanging in my house. But equally as important, he’s just a really rad dude that always made us feel comfortable and welcome, knowing that he was going to do an excellent job. His work always makes the world look better than real life.

Scott Cole is the best. I’m proud to have had photos taken by him, and stoked that I got to know him. If anyone reading this ever needs an amazing photographer for any reason, Scott is your guy.

Thanks again Scott for all your work over the years. You’re a rockstar my friend.

Jarret Reddick – Bowling for Soup


Never, and I do mean NEVER, in all my years of being photographed have I seen someone with an eye as magical as that of Scott Cole.

I have been a touring musician for the better part of 17 years. I have done shoots with every major entertainment magazine in the USA and the UK, as well as 100s of others in Europe, Australia, Japan, China and the list goes on. Never have I been in contact with a photographer who makes me look cooler than I really am the way Scott does.

Scott can take an empty room and see a brilliant canvas. Whether it’s a ‘fly on the wall’ candid, posed shots or live shots, in my opinion there is no one better on the planet with a camera than Scott Cole.

The hardest part of working with Scott is choosing from the end result. I have been in many situations where I look through 100s of photos and choose only a few. Normally this is very easy.  But not when you have done a shoot with Scott.  When each photo is more amazing than the next it makes it hard not to use every single one!

I recommend Scott with the highest confidence… Hire him.  You will look great. The end!

KJ Jansen – Chixdiggit

ChixIt’s a hard thing to admit, but we’ve been in a band for 20 years.

20 years is a long time for a body to be soaking in booze and applause. We recently partook in a photo shoot with Scott Cole and the photos her took of us make it look like we haven’t been in a band that long. When we first saw the shots we all wondered how he did it.

Like most bands we pretty much hate doing any kind of photo shoot. The photos we’ve used over the years have either been ones we’ve gotten ourselves (by accident) or with a photographer getting only one good one (by accident). We’re like that girl on America’s Next Top Model that Tyra Banks gives shit to for only having one good photo out of her entire shoot. Maybe it’s because we we’re not the most photogenic of guys. Maybe we don’t take direction too well. Either way, it all seemed to come together when we were shot by Scott.

He’s an excellent guy, enthusiastic, prepared and funny.  He seemed to get us right away. He didn’t come to the shoot with shovels and chicken outfits. It might seem like a little thing but it meant a lot to us.

We can personally guarantee that you’ll be happy with what he comes up with. He worked miracles with us and he will with you too. If you need ’em…

Joe Dexter – Orange

Orange_logoHands down, without a doubt, Scott Cole is the best photographer we have ever worked with. His unique and unmatched style of photography brings any photograph to life and screaming in your face.

Scott Cole’s photography is the reason we have wet dreams.

Ben – Zebrahead

zebraheadlogoI am writing this letter to give personal recommendation regarding shooting with the photographer Scott Cole.

I am a career musician and have had to endure many photoshoots over the past 15 years. I actually hate doing them! But Scott has made this process that most artists usually consider intolerable and annoying into a surprisingly fun experience. Not to mention he always delivers a more than excellent final product!

We have so many shoots with Scott that require the band to be in multiple locations throughout the day, but Scott is so organised the transitions are seamless. He is completely professional at all times and super efficient. Bands having to “hurry up and wait”, and we never have to wait with Scott.

Using half the time our past photographers, Scott has easily produced our best shots yet! We hope to continue working with him in the future as our favourite and only photographer.

All of that being said, he gets the highest recommendation from the entire Zebrahead crew!

Tory Stoffregen – Black Mollys

blackmollysTo anyone lucky enough to be photographed by Scott Cole.

I have been a musician for 20 plus years and have always dreaded photo sessions! Not only was our session with Scott fun and easy, the photos are far and above the best pictures i have had taken in my career. The fact that we were at a venue with a limited schedule did not stop Scott from pulling out some killer ideas in an instant, and delivering the most professional final product available.

Working with someone new can be a tense situation but i really felt so at ease, i couldn’t believe it was over and when I saw the pictures he took, I was in awe. In a time when anyone with a digital camera is a photographer, Scott proves there is an art to taking a real photo.

For once in my life, i actually look forward to taking more shots in the future and can’t recommend Scott highly enough to anyone who wants to take their visual presentation to the highest possible level.

Emma Watson – FifteenThreePR

fifteenthreePRI have worked as a music publicist for over ten years, first at a record label, and now at my own PR company. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott Cole throughout my career and his work has never been less than outstanding.

The great thing about Scott is he can produce amazing results in such a fast and efficient manner. His live shots and candid backstage photos are beautiful and really capture the spirit of a band and crew on the road and he goes about his work with such little fuss, you sometimes don’t even notice him in the room! I think that’s why he produces such great results, people never feel self conscious when he’s photographing them. His photoshoots are always fun and relaxed and he’s so organised that everything is ready well in advance of the band arriving, so there’s never any time wasted waiting for him to setup his equipment or find a location, which can often be the downside of working with other photographers.

Whether he’s shooting for my clients or promo shots, live shots or backstage at a festival in less than perfect conditions, I know I can always rely on Scott to produce incredible results. I’m always happy for him to have full stage and backstage access at shows as he is trustworthy, straightforward, and gets the job done. Every band i’ve seen him work with has been so impressed with his work, that they have specifically asked for him to shoot them time and time again.

I would recommend Scott Cole to anyone who is looking to work with an efficient, true professional who can guarantee them the very best results every time.