Janet Taylor

Had my first shoot with Scott a few weeks back and I have to say I had such a great time.

Scott made me feel at such ease and we had lots of fun. I love his work and ideas and I really hope I get to shoot with him again in the near future.

I am loving the images I have seen so far.
Thanks so much

Shelley Rebellion

Scott Cole was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Scott was very professional but also made me feel very relaxed and confident in myself. He suggested poses and ideas to make great images which I found really helpful.

I had a couple of images back a lot faster than I thought and I’m more than happy with them!

Would definitely love to work with Scott again.

Jo Crow

I emailed Scott on a whim in a response to a shoutout I’d seen online. Of course I knew of his incredible talent from practically every tattoo mag I had ever read and to be honest, I never expected a reply! I am a very experienced hairstylist but mainly used to being BEHIND the camera on shoots. To my surprise, Scott replied and wanted to work with me.

We exchanged a few more emails and before I knew it, I was booking flights to Cardiff.  I arrived at his Studio and instantly felt at ease.  I have to admit, I had my tatts out within five minutes!

Eve did an absolutely amazing job with my make-up and Scott had drinks and snacks available and made sure I was comfortable from the start. All super professional.

I had LOADS of outfits with me which Scott helped select into some amazing looks.

We shot all day and Scott was amazing with tonnes of direction and advice guiding me, but he also kept it super fun.

I had already stated I would consider implied nude and I was sooooo comfortable and relaxed with Scott, we finished the day with some time where my hair was all I wore.  By the end of the shoot I honestly felt like I had known Scott for years and would be proud to call him a friend.

Within hours I had images sent through and I was ridiculously happy with them. I never expected what would happen next…

A few weeks ago Scott gave me the news that I was going to appear on the FRONT COVER of an International magazine!

I am soooooo proud to be Scott’s 136th Cover Girl.
Cheers auld chap

Bibiana Atada

Since years I’m a big fan and always had a focus on Scott’s work. His ideas, colours and the light… all in all just an incredible photographer.

I did not dare to contact him until my “sista” Linnea told me Scott is also interested to work with me. That moment I felt in powerlessness. Linnea gave me his contact so we could fix an appointment to shoot. Thanks again to Linnea to make this happen and by the way she is as well warming of you all the time.

Hours later I booked my flight to London and finally the train ticket to Cardiff where Scott’s studio is located.

As I am living in Switzerland bringing Swiss chocolate is always in common and everybody likes Swiss chocolate so I bought some “Toblerone” with me. But as soon as I arrived in Heathrow Airport I saw a store full with “Toblerone” chocolate and I was kind of disappointed not bringing a special gift with me. But never mind, I thought, he will be happy anyway.

On my way to Cardiff I get more nervous from minute to minute. Thinking if Scott will get what he expect and if we get on with each other. That is really an important aspect to generate a professional shoot with an amazing finish and also, would I fulfill his expectations.

When I arrived at Cardiff main station Scott was already waiting and as soon as I left the train he met me and all my nervousness was gone. He was a very warm welcoming and I felt very well.

After a short drive to his place, Allie welcomed me so cordially. It felt like coming back home after being gone a while.

My huge luggage was full of different clothes, shoes and accessories and I did not disappoint them, quite the opposite – both where very happy about my super sexy, hot and special “equipment” I was binging with me.

Scott showed me the room where I could stay and sleep and when I stepped into “my” room I was very surprised because it looks so warm and pleasant to me. It was a guestroom with an own shower, toilette and the bed looks like lying on a cloud. I slept like being in heaven.

I felt so safe and welcome.

The next morning we started early. The dream team including the make-up artist Alice were ready and they were so professional and we had a lot of fun. After a while we had already a lot of amazing… no BADASS pictures done and they looks just fucking (sorry) great!

Working together with Scott and his team was indescribable and a really good partnership – friendship was born. I am so happy being able to work with this amazing photographer and his team.

I am looking forward to meet and work with Scott very soon and maybe one day I will be able having a ride on his beautiful Harley Davidson…. Dreaming of it.

…and as we always say “mi casa es tu casa”! When ever you like, we welcome you every time and Switzerland is waiting for you.

Little Fia

I was over the moon when Scott agreed to shoot me. We exchanged a few e-mails to arrange the shoot and all the required information was given to me promptly and efficiently.

Scott’s studio was easy to find and upon arrival I was greeted by himself and his makeup artist, Eve. Both Scott and Eve were incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly which immediately put me at ease. Scott had kindly laid out some nibbles and refreshments for us to snack on while Eve did my make up, which she applied perfectly. I really did look amazing! He took this opportunity to outline his expectations for the shoot and also advised me what I should expect afterwards. The studio was set up and everything was prepared so once make up was complete we selected outfits and were ready to go.

On set, Scott gave me great advice along with direction, and did so without being restrictive. He remained respectful, professional and patient throughout which can’t of been easy for him as I am the kind of person who gets distracted easily and therefore need little reminders. Scotts passion for his work was evident from the start, he has a great eye for detail, from hair to lace trim and ensures everything is perfect. Eve was on hand for the duration of the shoot with regular top ups of lipgloss and gave kind words of encouragement as we went along.

I had a brilliant day with Scott and Eve and I am blown away by the results. They make a perfect team who I would recommend to anyone.

Jessica Wolf

I recently had the most amazing shoot with Scott.

We instantly got on and he made me feel comfortable from the off (which was great because I’d been driving for hours so it was the perfect start to the shoot!) I then met Eve the makeup artist who was fantastic, my makeup was immaculate and I couldn’t have been more happy.

We then began shooting and Scott was just fantastic throughout, he knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. We shot a variety of looks and honestly I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Thank you so much to both Scott and Eve for such a great day, it was well worth the 9 hours of driving and I’d do it again tomorrow if I could!

Sarah Reed

I had an experience in a studio today like no other.
I met firstly, two amazingly warm, funny characters, Scott and Eve, and as the “work” began I knew I was amongst extremely professional and talented people.
My experience from start to finish was amazing, I felt so comfortable.
I don’t think I have ever laughed so much on a shoot, and equally I don’t think I have ever been so blown away by the passion these two have for their job.
Anyone considering working with them….dont just think, do it.
You most definitely will not regret it.
I really cannot praise them enough.
Thankyou Scott and Eve for the amazing job you both did, an experience I won’t forget in a hurry!
Sarah x

Melanie Ivy

From the beginning, Scott was organised and always excellent with his communications to me. Despite it being a long trip for me to get to Cardiff (where his studio is based), Scott had a reputation for being one of the best in the business and, after seeing his work online, I knew that it would definitely be worth it, and I wasn’t wrong!

His studio was relatively easy to get to, the studio was clean and tidy, Eve (his MUA) was immaculate with her make up and the whole day ran so smoothly and in a timely manner.

What I enjoyed the most was how comfortable both Eve and Scott made me feel. Both are friendly, laid back yet professional. They are fun and like to have a laugh, which made the shoot all the more enjoyable.

Scott is passionate about what he does and it shows in the photos that he takes. I have come out with some incredible photos out of that shoot (as well as two front covers on Tattoo Magazines) and I look forward to shooting with him again in the future.

I would recommend Scott to any model serious about their work, and who also like to work with a photographer that has good taste in music.

Lisa Hughes

Scott was extremely friendly and polite and made me feel welcome at his studio straight away.

The makeup artist he works along side Eve was lovely to work with also.

I would recommend Scott to anyone wanting amazing images as he is highly skilled!

Lesley Hall

I’ve wanted to work with Scott for years and it was more than I could of asked for, he was the perfect host and made me feel more than welcome.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more, he’s easy to talk to and never made me feel uncomfortable, nothing is too much.

He brought out the best in me and I couldn’t be happier with the images, the day went very smoothly and I would love to work with him in the future.

Alison Ward (Mz Bones)

I was thrilled that me and Scott finally managed to get together for a photoshoot in January this year.

I’ve been modelling for a few years but due to a some changes in personal circumstances recently I haven’t been feeling my most confident – Scott made me feel totally at ease and I left the shoot feeling fantastic! He was not only a total gentleman, but a true professional and offered really helpful guidance on posing and outfits (including before the shoot, so that I was able to prepare).

He was also happy to show me a few raw images throughout the shoot, all of which helped to ensure we got the best possible outcome from our time working together. Eve was amazing on makeup duties and really made me feel pampered and relaxed.

I’m beyond thrilled with the final edits I’ve seen so far, they’re some of the strongest images I’ve ever been involved in creating and I would be more than happy go back any time Scott needs a model.

Thanks again team SCP

Miss Annalieza

I worked with Scott around two years ago when I was first starting out in modelling, I loved the images and at the time was hoping maybe they could be used for publication. Alas this was not the case, so I decided to better myself, learn and grow before approaching again for a second try.

Scott was prompt with his reply emails and answered any questions I had with professionalism and precision. The shoot date followed just after the Christmas break which gave me adequate time to prepare fully and make sure that this time I bought my ‘A’ game.

Upon arrival Scott was very friendly, professional and positive not to mention adequately supplied with refreshments. His top class hospitality and amazing make up artist (one part of his successful creative team) has put him, in my mind, right at the top for UK photographers so I was naturally buzzing.

The shoot went smoothly, the day was fun and the images I saw were amazing, his compliments and professionalism really put any insecurities at ease – in short I loved it. I’ve since seen a few images that have been edited and wow they are some of my best yet!

I highly recommend working with him and can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with him and his awesome team again in the future.

Beth Moore

I only have lovely things to say about my day shooting with Scott Cole and his team. He welcomed me with a smile and made me feel very comfortable. He was chatty and friendly but professional when appropriate.

He has amazing photography skills and knows how to get the perfect photo of you. He is also great at directing you to be able to push yourself and show your confidence.

His MUA Eve-Marie Parry and Hairstylist Nathan Pithers were also on point, they have amazing skills to transform you into any look you want, they were kind and lovely which put me at ease.

Overall I had such a fun day at Scott Cole Photography and hope that in the future I have the privilege to work with these amazing talented people again.

Eden Anastacia

Since I started modelling Scott was THE photographer I wanted to work with the most!

I waited 3 years and it was definitely worth it!

Scott is not only super talented and professional, but also a lovely guy and a pure gent.  He knows the shots he’s looking for and has a great eye for detail. He helps with putting looks together, styling, and is very personable and makes you completely relaxed and have fun so he will get the best out of you in the shoot.

I loved my shoot and would go back in a heartbeat!

Sarah Stitches

I recently had the pleasure of working with Scott Cole.

I was a bit nervous before the shoot but was greeted by a smiley friendly Photographer upon arrival. Scott is full of good chat, advice, provided good hospitality and has an amazing story. He helped me feel relaxed and was very professional from communications before the shoot, during the shoot and right to sending amazing edits back the same day.

I would have to say it has made my year and was the highlight of my Modelling Career.

I also met his MUA, Eve-Marie Parry, who created amazing looks for the shoot and is definitely the best that I’ve had the honour to work with.

It still feels surreal that I even got to shoot with Scott. When I first sent him an e-mail I thought I’d never hear back but he is the most down to earth guy that you could ever meet and I’m so glad he chose to work with me.

I would definitely recommend him as a Photographer and would love to visit the Scott Cole Studio again in the future.

Sabien Demonia

Scott Cole is a legend in what he does with his camera and he truly deserves to be one.

Session with him was highlight of my 8 year long modelling career. Fully pro, honest, full of ideas, very warm and open minded. He can easily cause all that stress and pressure to magically disappear.

I just can’t wait for another magical shoot with him.


Where to start on a review about Scott Cole…

I have been a huge fan of Scott’s work for a long time and always thought working with the man himself was far out of reach. Scott and I discussed shooting and before I knew it I was travelling to our agreed shoot. During the entire run up to the shoot date I felt excited. We discussed outfits, images, hotel locations, no stone was left unturned and I was made to feel extremely relaxed and prepared.

The day of the shoot I was welcomed by Scott and Eve (his beautiful MUA) and they both instantly made me feel at home. Both incredibly professional and lovely people. Eve is a great addition to Scott’s team and was a lovely woman to meet and talk too.

Scott and I shot for a good few hours and had a lot of fun! Dare I say without upsetting anyone that this has been my absolute favourite shoot to date? Scott’s personality is a credit to his amazing photography skills. He made the whole experience fun and enjoyable, not to mention the end images! I’ve never ever been so happy when receiving images back.

Scott Cole – you are an absolute credit to this industry and I only hope our paths cross again one day. I feel honoured to have worked with such a talented individual.

Jade Fenix

During the time I worked with Scott, he has distinguished himself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in the field of being a professional photographer.

I have enormous respect for his style of work, attitude towards his team and models and how he takes his work seriously, and have been delighted to work with him.

To work with, Scott provides such ease and positive energy, that he sets the tone for the entire shoot for the day.
His creative ideas for photos were stylish, elegant and sexy; they were also astonishingly effective for what
magazines look into for front covers.

He is a wonderful person at heart and guaranteed you will have a friend for life. I would always recommend Scott to anyone who would like a professional shoot.

Gemma Kahlua

I’d had my eye on Scott Cole for around 3 years and he was one of the few photographers I really wanted to work with, being such a fan of his work and involvement with the tattoo industry.

I finally got my chance to shoot with him and it was well worth the wait. He was friendly and welcoming, picked me up, fed me and dropped me back after! Would work with Scott again in a second – had a great time, good conversation, good music and a great MUA and stylist to go with.

Scott was really relaxing and easy to shoot with considering it could be intimidating how many high profile models he has previously shot with.

He has a great imagination and endless ideas and visions for the shoots as well as direction on positioning and expression – massive help and I genuinely enjoyed myself for the whole day – I often find shoots dull!!!!

Hope we get another chance to shoot together.

Paula Burn

My photo shoot with Scott early March was just fantastic.  As I’m not a model and I’ve only been photographed a few times previously, Scott was aware of this and made me feel so comfortable being there.  

Scott welcomed me into his studio, he smiled all day and made me laugh, he suggested poses and outfits, he also has a fantastic make up artist, Eve who is is a pleasure to be around and knows exactly what she is doing.

Scott is very professional, and his work speaks for itself.  I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Scott.  I love the images and had an amazing day. It was fun and not serious which is what I wanted.  I probably wont do anymore shoots unless its with Scott as nothing else wouldn’t be good enough after this one!!

Becky Holt

I had the pleasure of finally managing to shoot with Scott after over a year of discussions and it was well worth the wait.

From start to finish the whole experience was fabulous. His team made me look and feel amazing. All of our ideas combined made the shoot spectacular and I’m more than impressed with the images and his ability to capture the perfect image.

We created fun, unique photos and the whole day was a success from start to finish.  I can’t express any more how pleased I am with the results and what we managed to create.

An awesome photographer and an awesome guy too.

Thanks again SCP

Mimi C

Scott Cole is hands down the nicest photographer I’ve worked with.  The hair and makeup team he had on the day were also wonderful.

The overall experience was just lovely. He made sure I was fed, watered and comfortable throughout, and the pictures… These pictures are possibly my favourite I’ve ever got back. He made me look awesome and puts so much time and effort into the shoot from booking to receiving photos.

It’s really refreshing to still have photographers like Scott and I highly recommended him to anybody thinking of working with him!

Thanks again Scott hope to work with you again soon!

Linnea Thomasia

My very professional and critical review of the smart ass that is Scott Cole!

I was very new in the industry when I found the courage to write to Scott Cole Photography.  I’d been following his work and admired the beautiful tattooed girls and photography for a long time and honestly didn’t expect an answer.

He not only wrote back to me, but took the time to explain to me that there are no guaranties in this industry and that I should not built up my expectations if I decided to travel to Wales. (From Denmark).

I planed my trip and went on my way to Cardiff, both nervous and exited and with only a few hours to shoot before taking the trip back to Copenhagen.
The door opened and this smiling tattooed dude (Didn’t expect that) welcomed me, with SIXX AM playing in the background. Both Scott and the wonderful makeup artist Eve, made me feel at home and knowing the bigger names he’d worked with, I didn’t feel that I was less of a priority at any time.

Scott has a very relaxed and professional attitude that made me less nervous and I knew I was in good hands.  I am very grateful as the ‘new girl’, that I got this opportunity and Scott is on the top of the “Best shoots I’ve had” list.

I have the biggest respect for Scott as a person, and as the amazing photographer he is, but I also consider him a friend who I can ask for advice and opinion, and that is valued more than I can describe here. I gained more than beautiful photographs on this trip.

Thank you for believing in me.

Eric Llyah Kane

About this guy named Scott Cole. In my whole modelling career I come across many photographers, many so called professionals too.  It made me wonder what it takes to be a good photographer. Apart from talent, a good eye and being polite, he must have good communication skills too.

I thought, that’s not hard to achieve, but surprisingly there are not that many of those around.

Then I came across Scott and I must admit he is a perfect example of all of the above and more! I know I’m not the only person who thinks so too, before shooting with him I have read many reviews of his work and seen his pictures around all the time made me want to shoot with him even more.

On the day of the shoot, from the first moment he was absolutely amazing, very welcoming and with a very relaxed atmosphere in the studio.  We worked with make up and hair stylist, even they were working well with him – you can sense really good vibes from that man!!

Scott made an effort to the last moment I was there. A real gentleman.

I think as a model you do want to be appreciated too, and Scott made me feel like a million dollars. I could see he was happy with the photos, which made me want to shoot even more.

I received a picture the same day and couldn’t believe how good it was. He’s achieved so much as a photographer but is still very humble, and you don’t see that much.  Not only polite, kind and funny but a total professional too.

I would shoot with him any day and time!

Davinia Catarina

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with the exceptionally talented Scott Cole. The results were above and beyond my highest expectations and resulted in a magazine cover and five page spread.

Scott’s creativity, technical ability, eye for detail and professionalism make him stand out. On top of this, he’s a truly lovely person!

The shoot was relaxed, fun and an altogether positive experience from which I left feeling fantastic! We had great communication from beginning to end and I felt comfortable contacting Scott if I had any questions. There was both a top quality hairstylist and make up artist on hand for the entire shoot. Scott worked hard to help me be my personal best and take my modelling to another level and the images are my favourite to date by far. Thank you Scott.

I love that Scott is courteous and precise in giving direction, bringing out the best in the models he works with and producing images that exude an air of class and sophistication that is often missing in the world of Alternative modelling.

I can not think of a photographer I would rather work with than Scott Cole and if you get the opportunity you will know exactly what I mean. No ego, no attitude just a true professional.

Sian Davies

I worked with Scott Cole recently. Our shoot consisted of ‘implied topless’ bikini and studio shots for publications.

I found him courteous and efficient in our messages prior to the shoot (having never met before). He arranged a fantastic make-up artist and stylist for the shoot and also accessories.

On the day he was extremely professional and gave me excellent direction, which is rare in the industry. We, (the whole team), bounced ideas off each other and were able to do this because of Scott’s passion and creativity in his work.

After the shoot he has kept in touch, given me industry advice and secured me front covers. I am happy now to be able to call him my friend.

There is a reason why Scott Cole is at the very top of his game, he mixes fun, creativity, genuine passion and knows exactly the image he is trying to create.

On top of this, he is a true gent and I can’t wait to work with him again! A true diamond in the dirt. Highly recommended.

Victoria Fox

I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Scott on several occasions and have found him to continuously be professional and courteous on every occasion. He has a great ability to put you at ease and make you feel completely comfortable throughout the shoot. He has a great understanding of the industry and if needed will offer advice and guidance.

He has certainly encouraged me to be a better model and given me confidence to really push myself within the industry, to which has resulted fruitful. His unique style of work is not only creative but innovative and certainly incomparable to any other within the tattoo photographer circuit. His flawless images make any model feel beautiful and certainly promote the feeling to want to shoot again.

Since working with Scott he has become a great friend and I feel honoured to offer a reference.

Look forward to our next shoot.

Terri Altilar

I gave Scott a reference from my first shoot last year however I have recently just worked with him again. Everything I said and commended in the first reference still stands as this is an addition to it.

I have just done an implied nude shoot with Scott, this was my very first implied shoot and I cannot think of anyone better to have worked with on this. Although I was initially very nervous the whole team that Scott had working on the shoot made me feel very comfortable and at ease within minutes of starting.

Scott is always ever so professional and consistent in everything that he does. I have already seen a few images of the shoot and I am so happy with them. My favourite shoot to date. I would always highly recommend anyone to work with Scott Cole, I promise you will not want to work with anyone else after as he’s the best of the best.

Lauren Brock

I’ve worked with Scott Cole on numerous occasions now and have enjoyed every shoot. Scotts shoots are fun yet professional and he made me feel at ease. His communication beforehand was brilliant and he knows exactly what he wants from a shoot. I felt very comfortable throughout and I was amazed at the images he produced! I look amazing.

Without a doubt Scotts the best Photographer I’ve worked with and he has got me onto three magazine covers, for which I am very grateful.

I would work with him in a heartbeat and would recommend him to any model.

Carol Paterson

Working with Scott was a pleasure for me. In the past I have done many photo shoots and until I worked with Scott I then realised what professional really was. He is very welcoming and I found in my experience I have never felt so relaxed around a photographer, great to work for, highly recommend from me I would do it all again in a heart beat.

Thanks Scott.

Rosie Alford

When I had the call to say “would you like to shoot tomorrow with Scott Cole” my chest got tight and I let out a scream! I was so excited and nervous! but when I got on set I was at ease with a friendly welcoming face.

Scott is a friendly character with so much experience he knew how to direct me, and what would make me look good. I had high expectations of Scott and he 100% met them! We got on really well, had a great laugh, and he still remained professional.

I would love to have the opportunity to work with him again and if you get a chance jump at it! You will only regret it if you don’t.

Kitty Couture

2012 saw myself, and Scott Cole, getting back into the studio together. His creativity, and the time he puts Into making things perfect is outstanding. I feel 100% comfortable during shoots with Scott. He pushes me to be a better model, coaching me in everything from posing to understanding the industry. I’m looking forward to working with him again!

Kate Van Doren

I worked with Scott a few months back, and it was a blast! I felt comfortable and confident throughout the whole shoot. Eve did my make up and it looked great! Especially as I have a terrible fear of make up artists haha! She did a great job. I can’t wait to work with Scott again as he was professional, a good laugh and the photos were amazing.

Jade Allison

I’ve always admired Scott Coles work and I’d wanted to work with him for a long time. When I finally got the chance I was super excited and honoured.

Scott is not only a nice guy he’s very professional and makes you feel at ease. Scott gives great direction/guidance and brings a fun element to his shoots. He is a well respected and admired photographer.

I would recommend Scott to any models looking for someone new to work with, I can guarantee you will be pleased with the outcome. I’m looking forward to working with him again and seeing what magic we come up with.

Jemmy Showler

Scott cole is by far one of the greatest photographers I’ve had the pleasure of working with, he was both very professional and warm and I feel it’s an honour to have worked with him and will always have time for him.

Amanda West

I have been a tattoo artist for 16 years & mostly kept myself to myself. I have been asked to be photographed by people at tattoo shows for years & usually said no. Being photographed is pretty embarrassing for me and I don’t usually feel too good about it, or about photos of myself.

Scott Cole asked me a few years ago and I also said no to him (due to massive embarrassment). A few years later, he asked me again, after I braved a shoot with a female photographer & found it ok. This time I agreed and my God, I am glad that I did.

The first time he photographed me, I felt more relaxed than I expected to. He’s really fun and easy to chat to. He was also totally cool with my fear of hair and makeup and let me do my own. It turned out to be an excellent day and the photos were just Amazing to me. He Manages to capture people in a really genius way. To the point where I was surprised at how much I liked and was proud of, the photos. Everything went so well that I really hoped he might ask me again.

On the last shoot, I was in a very bad way, having recently lost a loved one. Scott’s chilled and friendly manner, made me feel just fine and I even had makeup done, by the lovely Amy, as I trusted that Scott wouldn’t produce anything other than brilliant pictures. I was right to, as I am just as excited about the new photos.

There’s a quality to his work that really sets it apart from other photographers’. The clarity, colour and light looks so crisp and beautiful, yet not “overly edited” and fake. His images always look exciting and interesting. Hell, the guy even makes photographs from a disposable camera, look magazine quality (here, I refer to pictures from a VW car show, that he took……for fun). I’m sure he could have sold them.

Scott Cole makes actual, photographic, eye candy. I would recommend anyone to him, if they want a guarantee, of an abundance, of superb images.


I have just experienced my first ever photo shoot, and I am extremely pleased that it was with Scott Cole Photography.

Scott made me feel completely at ease, comfortable and confident, coaching, advising and supporting me throughout the shoot.It was a very professional, and also fun and relaxed atmosphere.

An absolute pleasure to work with and very keen to work with Scott Cole again in the future.

Anysha Panesar

I have been very fortunate throughout my career as a model, and International pageant title-holder, to shoot with many incredible photographers all over the world. However nothing excites me as much as when I am home in Wales and have a shoot scheduled with Scott Cole!

It is difficult to express how fabulous it is to work with someone who not only shares your love for the industry, but who is able to get the very best from you as a model without you even realising it. Each shoot is like spending time with a good friend – it is never work!

Scott gives the most incredible direction and helped me move from the teen image I had to a more mature and professional look – his photographs form part of my portfolio, which has secured me representation with a major agency and modelling work in the USA.

I look forward to working with Scott whenever I am back in the UK – whatever the theme of our shoot. It is always a pleasure to be in his company.

Scott has also come to our aid when we needed a judging panel for our International Pageant Preliminary here in the UK for the World’s PERFECT Model Search – a major US system which is televised in the USA. Knowing the girls who won our prelim would represent Europe in the World Finals meant we had to have judges who were capable of seeing beyond the ‘pretty pageant girl’ image and Scott really took his duties to another level. He gave us great feedback on each contestant, using his professionalism as a photographer to judge our competitors and he really embraced the PERFECT spirit and ethos, that we celebrate every competitors individuality and unique style. It was a pleasure and an honour to have him judge our competition.

Ali Drew

Working with Scott was brilliant, he’s a very professional photographer, easy to shoot with, & produces fantastic images. Recommended highly.

Christi Janae Nevling

Scott is so talented. By far one of the most creative photographers I have worked with. His work is very original and timeless. I would highly recommend working with Scott.

Duncan Brown

Ever since I first met scott in 2009 I have always found him to be the most down to earth and influential of people. His work ethic is second to none and the results in his images never fail to astound me.

I have worked with numerous photographers since starting up Modelling Network and through my previous agency, Minx Models. I can honestly say that, Scott is my photographer of choice when it comes to imagery and it is for that reason I have worked exclusively with him on all content for our new website

Image turn around is always swift and precise and communication, both on submitting emails and direction with models is nothing short of the highest order.

It’s a pleasure to now know him on a personal level, as well as our working relationship.

Emily Griffiths

I am pleased to say that I have been fortunate enough to work with the talented Scott Cole and can now call him a friend.

From the very first moment I met Scott at a group photo shoot I could see that he was a perfectionist and his own worst critic, I still to this day don’t understand why, as his work is outstanding. I guess being this way is what drives him to producing amazing pictures.

Scott has creative and magical ideas and gives plenty of direction to achieve these. At all of our shoots I have been made to feel at ease and relaxed but most of all our shoots have been fun. Scott is professional in every manner, from the minute the shoot is booked to when the pictures are produced, and he always makes sure I am happy with the photographs before exposing them anywhere.

The turnarounds on his pictures are very quick which is great when you’re exited to see the amazing pictures he produces. His work really does speak volumes and the pictures speak for themselves. There is a reason why he is in such great demand so if you ever have the opportunity to work with him then grab it with both hands, you will not be disappointed.

I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Amy Simmonds

I have been fortunate enough to do four photo shoots with Scott and look forward to doing more in the future. The first shoot was my first experience of doing adult/glamour material and I felt completely at ease and comfortable. Scott is fantastic at directing his models ensuring he gets the best from each shot. He is completely professional at all times and whilst some positions can be quite compromising, I have never felt at all uncomfortable.

Now that we have worked together more, we have come to understand how each other works. As a result this makes the experience more enjoyable and results in Scott producing some amazing shots.

After the shoot Scott keeps in touch, letting you know when the shots will be ready and does his best to get them done as soon as he possibly can.

Scott is a talented, gifted and a totally professional photographer. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Amy Preece

It gives me great pleasure to offer my experience of working with Scott Cole, along with some absolutely amazing girls.

So what can I say about Scott Cole.

It all started with messaging regarding possible shoots, of course I was extremely nervous. I’d never done a photoshoot like this before. So when he asked me to the studio for a test shoot I jumped at the chance. Looking through his profile and seeing the success I wasn’t about to back out of this one.

Upon meeting Scott I instantly felt at ease, we laughed and joked and conversation was easy (considering I’d never met this guy). Once his fabulous MUA had worked her magic on me we were ready to shoot, I absolutely loved every second of it and Scott was really helpful.

My test shoot even got published, I was Gobsmacked, he’s an absolute legend!!

I went back to work with Scott for an implied nude shoot, as you can imagine the nerves were kicking in again but within minutes I was so comfortable, I was really enjoying myself had a great shoot.

Scott has given me so much confidence, great images and he got me published.
I am so glad I can now call Scott a friend.

He truly is an amazing photographer!!


Before shooting with Scott I was really nervous because his standard of work is incredible. I saw all of his work and was honoured to be asked to shoot with him.

As soon as I arrived on set, Scott made me feel really relaxed and this really helped. He is excellent at direction and has some awesome props! Creatively, we were bouncing ideas off one another which is nice to find, and rare, because I have found over the last 6 years I have been modelling that a lot of photographers do not want your input, nor are they willing to work with you to create an unusual, stunning image, which is exactly what Scott produces.

He edited the pictures within a matter of hours and honestly they are some of the best pictures I have received. He is an excellent professional Photographer which is illustrated in the stunning and beautiful images he produces.

I would definitely recommend working with Scott and I cant wait to work with him again

Alice Bizarre

I’ve shot with Scott a number of times and each time was more fun, colourful and brilliant then the last! Extremly talented, very proffesional and an absolute pleasure to be around. If you get the chance to work with him, grab the handles and drive drive drive.


Scott is an amazing photographer, defo the best I have shot with, he gives great direction and makes you feel so comfortable with trying new things. I would recommend his work to everyone. He’s an amazing guy and I cant wait to work with him again.

Thanx a million

Nancy Harry

Scott is by far one of the most awesome photographers to shoot with out there. Every shoot we have had so far has been fun, relaxed and in the end produced amazing images.  Scott has set me on my way with some kickass publication, and there will be more to come for 2012. Watch this space.

Hollie Bryant

Scott was a pleasure to work with! One of the most organised, funny, energetic photographers I have worked with in the last 3 years. His pre planning and attention to detail was outstanding. Hope to work with him again soon!